Detector Drone


The detector drones are completely unarmed, yet only they can see invisible units at the distance.

Special Notes: This unit can see invisible units in close vicinity.



Advances from: Sentry Drone
Advances to:
Cost: 95
HP: 38
Moves: 6
Vision: 4
XP: 76
Level: 2
Alignment: neutral
Id: Exi Floater Detector
Abilities: stealth detection


(icon) blade20% (icon) pierce20%
(icon) impact20% (icon) fire10%
(icon) cold10% (icon) arcane-30%


TerrainMovement CostDefense
(icon) Castle160%
(icon) Cave340%
(icon) Coastal Reef150%
(icon) Deep Water150%
(icon) Flat150%
(icon) Forest150%
(icon) Frozen150%
(icon) Fungus330%
(icon) Hills150%
(icon) Mountains150%
(icon) Sand150%
(icon) Shallow Water150%
(icon) Swamp150%
(icon) Unwalkable150%
(icon) Village160%
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