Elder Falcons bear the telltale scars of veteran warriors from protecting their masters, their bodies proof of repeated dives into a swirling melee. Stronger and faster than their younger kin, they are rumored to hit with enough force to remove an enemy’s head.



Advances from: Falke
Advances to:
Cost: 18
HP: 28
Moves: 10
XP: 50
Stufe: 1
Tag-/Nachteinfluss: neutral
Id: Elder Falcon

Attacks (damage × count)

(image)Klauen(pierce attack) Stich4 × 4(melee attack) Nahkampf
(image)Schnabelhieb(blade attack) Klinge9 × 1(melee attack) Nahkampf(Ansturm)


(icon) Klinge0% (icon) Stich0%
(icon) Wucht-10% (icon) Feuer0%
(icon) Kälte0% (icon) Arkan20%


TerrainMovement CostDefense
(icon) Burg160%
(icon) Dorf150%
(icon) Flachland160%
(icon) Gebirge160%
(icon) Gefroren160%
(icon) Höhle330%
(icon) Hügel160%
(icon) Küstennahes Riff160%
(icon) Pilzhain330%
(icon) Sand160%
(icon) Seichtes Wasser160%
(icon) Sumpf160%
(icon) Tiefes Wasser160%
(icon) Unbegehbar160%
(icon) Unechter Schleier der Finsternis0%
(icon) Wald160%
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