Those merfolk who master the art of the javelin can become nearly as effective as an archer — though the heft of their weapons impedes their range, the impact of one is considerably greater. In the water, the mobility of the merfolk more than makes up for this when facing foes who cannot swim.



Vorherige Stufe: Hakemann
Nächste Stufe:
Cost: 48
HP: 55
Moves: 6
XP: 150
Stufe: 3
Tag-/Nachteinfluss: redlich
Id: Merman Javelineer

Angriffe (damage × count)

(image)Speer(pierce attack) Stich8 × 2(melee attack) Nahkampf
(image)Speer(pierce attack) Stich10 × 4(ranged attack) Fernkampf


(icon) Klinge0% (icon) Stich0%
(icon) Wucht0% (icon) Feuer0%
(icon) Kälte20% (icon) Arkan0%


(icon) Burg140%
(icon) Dorf140%
(icon) Flachland230%
(icon) Gebirge0%
(icon) Gefroren230%
(icon) Höhle320%
(icon) Hügel530%
(icon) Küstennahes Riff270%
(icon) Pilzhain320%
(icon) Sand230%
(icon) Seichtes Wasser160%
(icon) Sumpf160%
(icon) Tiefes Wasser150%
(icon) Unbegehbar0%
(icon) Unechter Schleier der Finsternis0%
(icon) Wald530%
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