The standardbearer for his Century, the Signifer holds an enviable position. He does not often engage in melee combat himself, but instead helps and inspires his fellow Legionnaires, and helps them regroup in case of retreat. His standard has all of the awards his Century has recieved lined up, and a large hand at the top, serving as a point of reference for all the fighters.

Special Notes: Inspires increases the perceived time of day in adjacent areas.



Advances from: Legionnaire
Advances to: Aquilifer
Cost: 28
HP: 54
Moves: 5
XP: 72
Level: 2
Alignment: lawful
Id: IE_Lavinian_Signifer
Abilities: inspires

Attacks (damage × count)

8 × 3


(icon) blade20% (icon) pierce10%
(icon) impact0% (icon) fire-10%
(icon) cold-20% (icon) arcane-20%


TerrainMovement CostDefense
(icon) Castle160%
(icon) Cave240%
(icon) Coastal Reef320%
(icon) Deep Water20%
(icon) Flat150%
(icon) Forest230%
(icon) Frozen320%
(icon) Fungus330%
(icon) Hills250%
(icon) Mountains360%
(icon) Sand230%
(icon) Shallow Water320%
(icon) Swamp320%
(icon) Unwalkable0%
(icon) Village160%
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