Elvish Major


Major Háwclyn is now a mid-ranking officer in the forces of the south Greenwood elves. He carries the Greenwood banner to show that he is an emissary for the forest, and he carries two enchanted heirlooms left to him by his father – a sword and a pair of elven boots. He also bears the talisman of Queen Eämeral, which grants him a powerful magical attack.

Special Notes: This unit’s marksmanship gives it a high chance of hitting targeted enemies, but only on the attack. The leadership of this unit enables adjacent units of the same side to deal more damage in combat, though this only applies to units of lower level. This unit has magical attacks, which always have a high chance of hitting an opponent.



Advances from:
Advances to: Elvish Colonel
Cost: 41
HP: 49
Moves: 5
XP: 104
Level: 2
Alignment: neutral
Id: Elvish Major
Abilities: leadership

Attacks (damage × count)

(image)orichalcum foil
7 × 4
(image)royal talisman
9 × 3


(icon) blade20% (icon) pierce20%
(icon) impact20% (icon) fire0%
(icon) cold0% (icon) arcane-10%


TerrainMovement CostDefense
(icon) Castle160%
(icon) Cave230%
(icon) Coastal Reef240%
(icon) Deep Water0%
(icon) Flat140%
(icon) Forest170%
(icon) Frozen230%
(icon) Fungus250%
(icon) Hills250%
(icon) Mountains260%
(icon) Sand230%
(icon) Shallow Water230%
(icon) Swamp240%
(icon) Unwalkable0%
(icon) Village160%
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