Elf Penembak / Elf Penembak Wanita

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Elves have an intimate connection to the world of faerie, which innately imbues them with a small amount of magic and grants them highly acute senses. This, combined with years of hunting in the deep forests, makes the elves incredibly keen-sighted, a gift which contributes greatly to their mastery of the bow. An elf practiced at archery is capable of hitting a pinhole-sized target from hundreds of paces away and can shoot quickly and precisely enough to split falling branches. Of course, training the body to keep up with the eyes is no easy feat, and realizing this prodigious skill does come with the cost of weakness in close quarters.

Catatan Khusus: Kejituan unit ini memberikannya kemungkinan tinggi mengenai sasaran, tetapi hanya ketika ia menyerang.



Naik level dari:Elf Pemanah
Naik level ke:Elf Penembak Jitu
Cost: 37
HP: 37
Moves: 6
XP: 80
Id: Elvish Marksman

Serangan (damage × count)

serangan jarak dekat
6 × 2
senjata tajam
(image)panah panjang
serangan jarak jauh
9 × 4
penembak jitu

Daya Tahan

(icon) senjata tajam0% (icon) tusukan0%
(icon) peremuk0% (icon) api0%
(icon) dingin0% (icon) misterius-10%


DaerahMovement CostPerlindungan
(icon) Beku230%
(icon) Bukit250%
(icon) Datar140%
(icon) Desa160%
(icon) Fake Shroud0%
(icon) Fungus250%
(icon) Gua330%
(icon) Gunung360%
(icon) Hutan170%
(icon) Istana160%
(icon) Pantai Berbatu Karang230%
(icon) Pasir230%
(icon) Perairan Dalam0%
(icon) Perairan Dangkal320%
(icon) Rawa230%
(icon) Tak Terlewati0%
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