A lich is the physical embodiment of black magic’s first goal: the quest to achieve immortality. Though a great deal is sacrificed in the rebirth, in becoming a lich one cheats death of that which truly gives it terror. For it is the mind that is retained, and the spirit which follows, though the body may wither away.

It is not known, save perhaps by the inner circles of necromancy, whether life is prolonged indefinitely or simply extended. The fact that this question can be raised at all is a testament to the magnitude of what their order has achieved.

Catatan Khusus: Unit ini memiliki serangan magis, yang selalu memiliki kemungkinan tinggi mengenai musuh. Ketika bertempur, unit ini bisa menghisap kehidupan dari korban untuk memperpanjang hidupnya sendiri. Serangan misterius unit ini melukai makhluk-makhluk magis dengan luar biasa, dan bahkan lumayan ke makhluk-makhluk biasa. Unit ini bisa bergerak tanpa terlihat di perairan dalam, tidak memerlukan udara dari permukaan.



Naik level dari:Penyihir Kegelapan
Naik level ke:
Cost: 50
HP: 60
Moves: 6
XP: 150
Id: Lich

Serangan (damage × count)

serangan jarak dekat
8 × 3
(image)badai dingin
serangan jarak jauh
12 × 3
Ilmu Sihir
(image)gelombang bayangan
serangan jarak jauh
9 × 3
Ilmu Sihir

Daya Tahan

(icon) senjata tajam10% (icon) tusukan30%
(icon) peremuk-10% (icon) api-20%
(icon) dingin60% (icon) misterius-40%


DaerahMovement CostPerlindungan
(icon) Beku230%
(icon) Bukit250%
(icon) Datar140%
(icon) Desa160%
(icon) Fake Shroud0%
(icon) Fungus260%
(icon) Gua240%
(icon) Gunung360%
(icon) Hutan250%
(icon) Istana160%
(icon) Pantai Berbatu Karang230%
(icon) Pasir230%
(icon) Perairan Dalam310%
(icon) Perairan Dangkal320%
(icon) Rawa230%
(icon) Tak Terlewati0%
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