Elf Penembak Jitu / Elf Penembak Jitu Wanita

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Though not a formal title, ‘Sharpshooter’ is the epithet given to the most gifted Elvish marksmen. These expert archers are capable of feats that, even by Elven standards, border on miraculous: they have the precision to split incoming arrows midair and can loose a second arrow before the first hits, all while maintaining enough power to damage steel armor. A single volley of their arrows is enough to bring down a knight on horseback, and even heavily-armored infantry will survive few additional shots. The sharpshooters of the elves have honed their art to its highest form and are the undisputed masters of archery.

Catatan Khusus: Kejituan unit ini memberikannya kemungkinan tinggi mengenai sasaran, tetapi hanya ketika ia menyerang.



Naik level dari:Elf Penembak
Naik level ke:
Cost: 51
HP: 47
Moves: 6
XP: 150
Id: Elvish Sharpshooter

Serangan (damage × count)

serangan jarak dekat
7 × 2
senjata tajam
(image)panah panjang
serangan jarak jauh
10 × 5
penembak jitu

Daya Tahan

(icon) senjata tajam0% (icon) tusukan0%
(icon) peremuk0% (icon) api0%
(icon) dingin0% (icon) misterius-10%


DaerahMovement CostPerlindungan
(icon) Beku230%
(icon) Bukit250%
(icon) Datar140%
(icon) Desa160%
(icon) Fake Shroud0%
(icon) Fungus250%
(icon) Gua330%
(icon) Gunung360%
(icon) Hutan170%
(icon) Istana160%
(icon) Pantai Berbatu Karang230%
(icon) Pasir230%
(icon) Perairan Dalam0%
(icon) Perairan Dangkal320%
(icon) Rawa230%
(icon) Tak Terlewati0%
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