Even in the absence of battle, infection and injury are common plights in the harsh desert sands. Dunefolk healers, in particular, require vast knowledge of herbs and medicine in comparison with healers of other races; the lack of magic combined with the meager plantlife in the desert results in great difficulty in treating the plethora of ailments and poisons that plague the dune peoples. Apothecaries are typically more knowledgeable and well-traveled compared to their less experienced brethren, but the title is usually applied to those who undertake the complex task of tending to valuable medicinal plants. The Dunefolk have no means of healing without the necessary materials, and thus Apothecaries possess a special role in supporting the remedial arts of their kind.

• This unit is capable of rapid healing.
• This unit regenerates, which allows it to heal as though always stationed in a village.



Продвигается из: Лекарь
Продвигается в: Dune Luminary
Cost: 33
HP: 39
Moves: 5
ОП: 100
Уровень: 2
Тип: теневой
Id: Dune Apothecary
Способности: лечит +8, regenerates +4

Атаки (damage × count)

(image)булава(impact attack) крушащий6 × 4(melee attack) ближний


(icon) режущий-10% (icon) колющий10%
(icon) крушащий0% (icon) огонь0%
(icon) холод0% (icon) мистический20%


МестностьЦена ходаЗащита
(icon) Береговой риф230%
(icon) Болото230%
(icon) Глубокая вода0%
(icon) Горы260%
(icon) Грибы250%
(icon) Деревня160%
(icon) Замок160%
(icon) Лес240%
(icon) Мерзлота320%
(icon) Непроходимая местность0%
(icon) Отмель320%
(icon) Песок140%
(icon) Пещера240%
(icon) Равнина140%
(icon) Фальшивая пелена0%
(icon) Холмы260%
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