Sirénido naseiro


Fishing, as practiced by mermen, is largely a matter of chasing schools of fish into waiting nets, where oar-like clubs are used to dispatch the prey. The improvisation of using these against soldiers proved very effective; most land-native creatures are already quite awkward when waist-deep in water, and getting caught in a net can render them nearly helpless.

The effectiveness of this method led to the development of smaller, weighted nets, which could be cast through the air; these were useless for fishing, but were useful in both combat, and in hunting game that came too close to shore. Clubs were used in combat with little or no adaptation from fishing, since they were already quite deadly.

Notas especiais: esta unidade pode ralentizar aos seus inimigos, reducindo á metade a súa velocidade de movemento e o dano que causan durante unha rolda.



Avanza dende: Sirénido cazador
Avanza a: Sirénido enredador
Custo: 27
Vida: 40
Movementos: 7
XP: 80
Nivel: 2
Aliñación: lawful
Id: Merman Netcaster

Ataques (damage × count)

corpo a corpo
6 × 3
a distancia
9 × 2


(icon) folla0% (icon) perforación0%
(icon) impacto0% (icon) lume0%
(icon) frío20% (icon) arcano0%


TerreoCusto de movementoDefensa
(icon) Area230%
(icon) Arrecife costeiro270%
(icon) Auga pouco profunda160%
(icon) Auga profunda150%
(icon) Bosque530%
(icon) Braña160%
(icon) Castelo140%
(icon) Chaira230%
(icon) Cogomelos320%
(icon) Conxelado230%
(icon) Cova320%
(icon) Intransitábel0%
(icon) Montañas0%
(icon) Outeiros530%
(icon) Vila140%
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