Dwarvish Annalist


Dwarvish Annalists are the historians of this ancient and proud race. They are few in number, and their very existence is not generally known to the other peoples of the Great Continent. To the abilities of the Witness they add, through the study of herb and mineral lore, the ability to cure poison.

饜憰饜憪饜懅饜憱饜懇饜懁 饜懐饜懘饜憫饜憰:饜憺饜懄饜憰 饜懣饜懐饜懄饜憫 饜懄饜憻 饜懕饜憵饜懇饜懁 饜憫 饜憰饜懁饜懘 饜懄饜憫饜憰 饜懅饜懐饜懄饜懃饜懄饜憻, 饜懀饜懆饜憹饜懄饜憴 饜憺饜懞 饜懃饜懙饜憹饜懃饜懇饜懐饜憫 饜憰饜憪饜懓饜憶 饜懐 饜懇饜憫饜懆饜憭 饜憶饜懆饜懃饜懄饜憽 饜懗饜懐饜憫饜懄饜懁 饜憺饜懕 饜懅饜懐饜憶 饜懇 饜憫饜懟饜懐.饜憺饜懄饜憰 饜懣饜懐饜懄饜憫 饜懄饜憻 饜憭饜懕饜憪饜懇饜憵饜懇饜懁 饜憹 饜懐饜懙饜憫饜懏饜懇饜懁饜懖饜憻饜懄饜憴 饜憺 饜懄饜憮饜懅饜憭饜憫饜憰 饜憹 饜憪饜懚饜憻饜懇饜懐 饜懄饜懐 饜懣饜懐饜懄饜憫饜憰 饜懇饜懏饜懍饜懐饜憶 饜懄饜憫. The presence of this unit inspires own units next to it to deal more damage in combat, though this only applies to units of lower or equal level. This unit has magical attacks, which always have a high chance of hitting an opponent.



饜懇饜憶饜憹饜懎饜懐饜憰饜懇饜憻 饜憮饜懏饜應饜懃: Dwarvish Witness
饜懇饜憶饜憹饜懎饜懐饜憰饜懇饜憻 饜憫: Dwarvish Loremaster
饜憭饜應饜憰饜憫: 40
HP: 40
饜懃饜懙饜憹饜憻: 5
XP: 80
Level: 2
饜懇饜懁饜懖饜懐饜懃饜懇饜懐饜憫: neutral
Id: Dwarvish Annalist
饜懇饜憵饜懄饜懁饜懄饜憫饜懄饜憻: inspire, leadership, leadership, 饜憭饜憳饜懌饜懏饜憻

饜懇饜憫饜懆饜憭饜憰 (damage × count)

7 × 2
6 × 2


(icon) 饜憵饜懁饜懕饜憶50% (icon) 饜憪饜懡饜憰40%
(icon) 饜懄饜懃饜憪饜懆饜憭饜憫40% (icon) 饜憮饜懖饜懠10%
(icon) 饜憭饜懘饜懁饜憶10% (icon) 饜懜饜憭饜懕饜懐10%


饜憫饜懟饜懕饜懐Movement Cost饜憶饜懄饜憮饜懅饜懐饜憰
(icon) Deep Water0%
(icon) Fungus140%
(icon) 饜憭饜懆饜憰饜懇饜懁160%
(icon) 饜憭饜懕饜憹150%
(icon) 饜憭饜懘饜憰饜憫饜懇饜懁 饜懏饜懓饜憮230%
(icon) 饜憮饜懁饜懆饜憫130%
(icon) 饜憮饜懏饜懘饜憻饜懇饜懐230%
(icon) 饜憮饜懝饜懄饜憰饜憫130%
(icon) 饜憰饜憿饜懎饜懃饜憪320%
(icon) 饜憰饜懎饜懐饜憶130%
(icon) 饜憱饜懆饜懁饜懘 饜憿饜懛饜憫饜懠320%
(icon) 饜憹饜懄饜懁饜懄饜憽150%
(icon) 饜懀饜懄饜懁饜憻160%
(icon) 饜懃饜懍饜懐饜憫饜懇饜懐饜憻170%
(icon) 饜懗饜懐饜憿饜懛饜憭饜懇饜憵饜懁0%
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