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‘Dire wolves’ differ from the common variety only in size and color. They typically stand taller than a horse at the shoulder, and have an appetite to match. Only a madman would willingly encounter them; but goblins, at great cost to themselves, have managed to tame and ride them.

The claws of a wolf are not generally regarded as being the more dangerous parts, but on a beast this large, they are thicker and longer than iron nails. Their riders smear a poison on the front set, not unlike that used by the orcish assassins, making a swipe from these beasts’ paws into a most deadly stroke.

Özel Bilgiler: Bu birimin zehrinin kurbanları bir köyde veya bir ilaç veren tarafından iyileştirilene kadar sürekli olarak zehirden hasar görecektir.



Şundan terfi eder: Goblin Şövalye
Şuna terfi eder:
Bedel: 41
YP: 61
Hareket: 10
XP: 150
Level: 3
Hizalama: chaotic
Id: Direwolf Rider

Saldırılar (damage × count)

9 × 4
4 × 4


(icon) kesme0% (icon) delme0%
(icon) darbe0% (icon) ateş0%
(icon) soğuk0% (icon) gizemli0%


AraziMovement CostSavunma
(icon) Bataklık330%
(icon) Dağlar260%
(icon) Deep Water0%
(icon) Fungus340%
(icon) Kale160%
(icon) Kar220%
(icon) Kayalık Sahil230%
(icon) Kum230%
(icon) Köy160%
(icon) Mağara240%
(icon) Orman250%
(icon) Sığ Su320%
(icon) Tepeler150%
(icon) Yürünmez0%
(icon) Çayır140%
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