Hakim are learned individuals who have given up their urban life in order to assist the Khalifate armies in their travels. Their motivations are many; some look to it as an adventure or as a steady source of pay, while others feel it to be a requirement of their faith. Regardless, Hakim are highly respected by all. They are trained with the advanced medical techniques and possess a potent clutch of medicines and herbs, which allows them to quickly heal even the most gravely wounded allies.

Bijzonderheden: This unit is capable of rapid healing.



Promoveert van:
Promoveert tot: Tabib
Prijs: 17
HP: 26
Zetten: 5
XP: 39
Alliantie: liminal
Id: Hakim
Vermogens: verpleegt +8

Aanvallen (damage × count)

7 × 2


(icon) scherp10% (icon) puntig0%
(icon) stomp-10% (icon) vuur0%
(icon) koud0% (icon) mysterieus20%


TerreinMovement CostVerdediging
(icon) Bergen260%
(icon) Bevroren320%
(icon) Bos240%
(icon) Diep Water0%
(icon) Dorp160%
(icon) Fungus240%
(icon) Grot240%
(icon) Heuvels260%
(icon) Kasteel160%
(icon) Kustrif230%
(icon) Moeras230%
(icon) Onbegaanbaar0%
(icon) Ondiep Water320%
(icon) Vlak140%
(icon) Zand150%
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