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Fencers belong to a school of thought that considers the armor most soldiers wear in combat to be their own worst enemy. While armor can only soften a blow, evading it leaves the defender completely unharmed. Being able to reliably dodge any offensive move is a luxury only afforded to the fit of body, and then only to those who endure rigorous training.

Outfitted with only a dagger and saber, fencers are light on their feet and useful in many situations where their armor-bound peers are at a disadvantage. They relish dancing circles around troops like heavy infantry, mocking the weight of their full armor.

Īpašas piezīmes: Šīs vienības strēlnieka prasmes ļauj tai ignorēt ienaidnieka kontroles zonas un netraucēti pārvietoties tām apkārt.


Attīstās no:
Attīstās uz: Duelist
Izmaksas: 16
Veselība: 28
Pārvietošanās: 6
Pieredze: 42
Level: 1
Īpašība: likumpaklausīgs/-a
Spējas: strēlnieks

Uzbrukumi (damage - count)

4 - 4


(icon) griež-30% (icon) caurdur-20%
(icon) sit-20% (icon) dedzina0%
(icon) saldē10% (icon) mistisks20%


Pārvietošanās izmaksas
(icon) Ala250%
(icon) Ciems170%
(icon) Dzelme-0%
(icon) Kalni370%
(icon) Līdzenums160%
(icon) Mežs270%
(icon) Necaurejams-0%
(icon) Pauguri270%
(icon) Piekrastes rifs250%
(icon) Pils170%
(icon) Purvs240%
(icon) Sasalis240%
(icon) Seklums240%
(icon) Smiltis240%
(icon) Sēņu birzs270%