Horned Scarab


Horned Scarabs are large, rugged insects that can grow to be quite large, making them a threat when they decide to be aggressive. Their primary means of attack is the large, sharp horn growing from their head. Because of their large size, armor, and horn, they cannot fly.



Advances from:
Advances to:
Cost: 12
HP: 36
Moves: 4
XP: 30
Livello: 1
Allineamento: neutrale
Id: Horned Scarab
Abilities: burrow

Attacks (damage × count)

(image)morso(blade attack) lama8 × 2(melee attack) ravvicinato
(image)horn(pierce attack) perforazione14 × 1(melee attack) ravvicinato


(icon) lama10% (icon) perforazione30%
(icon) impatto0% (icon) fuoco30%
(icon) freddo-20% (icon) arcano20%


TerrainMovement CostDefense
(icon) Acque basse320%
(icon) Acque profonde0%
(icon) Castello150%
(icon) Caverna150%
(icon) Colline250%
(icon) Congelato230%
(icon) Foresta250%
(icon) Funghi260%
(icon) Impervio0%
(icon) Montagne360%
(icon) Oscurità finta0%
(icon) Palude230%
(icon) Pianura140%
(icon) Sabbia150%
(icon) Scogliera230%
(icon) Villaggio150%
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