Rato Gigante


Much larger than the common rats which often inhabit major cities, these vermin can injure an unarmed civilian, and can prove frustratingly elusive on any footing. While notably aggressive at night, these creatures do not pose much of a threat to any serious fighter.



Avança de:
Avança para:
Cost: 6
HP: 15
Moves: 4
XP: 25
Nível: 0
Alinhamento: caótico
Id: Giant Rat

Ataques (damage × count)

corpo a corpo
2 × 4


(icon) cortante0% (icon) perfurante0%
(icon) impacto0% (icon) fogo0%
(icon) frio10% (icon) arcano20%


TerrenoCusto de MovimentoDefesa
(icon) Aldeia150%
(icon) Areia250%
(icon) Campo150%
(icon) Castelo150%
(icon) Caverna160%
(icon) Colinas250%
(icon) Congelado250%
(icon) Escuridão Falsa0%
(icon) Floresta150%
(icon) Fungos250%
(icon) Intransponível0%
(icon) Montanhas360%
(icon) Pântano240%
(icon) Recife Costeiro230%
(icon) Água Profunda0%
(icon) Água rasa320%
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