Wose Ancião


There is a curious story of a farmer who had a great oak in his lawn, a tree which had stood when his father first broke the soil on that land, and under which his family had many memories. It was thus a shock to him, one morning, when he awoke to find nothing but a bare patch of earth where the tree once stood, as though it had been spirited away in the wee hours of the night.

Such encounters are all that is known of what are presumably the most ancient of woses.

Notas Especiais: Em florestas, a habilidade desta unidade em montar emboscadas torna-a invisível aos inimigos, a não ser que um deles esteja adjacente à unidade, ou que ela tenha se revelado ao atacar uma unidade inimiga. Esta unidade se regenera, o que lhe permite se curar como se sempre estivesse posicionada em uma aldeia.



Avança de: Wose Antigo
Avança para:
Cost: 48
HP: 80
Moves: 4
XP: 150
Nível: 3
Alinhamento: ordeiro
Id: Ancient Wose
Habilidades: emboscada, regeneração

Ataques (damage × count)

corpo a corpo
25 × 2


(icon) cortante0% (icon) perfurante60%
(icon) impacto40% (icon) fogo-50%
(icon) frio10% (icon) arcano-30%


TerrenoCusto de MovimentoDefesa
(icon) Aldeia120%
(icon) Areia220%
(icon) Campo120%
(icon) Castelo120%
(icon) Caverna320%
(icon) Colinas230%
(icon) Congelado220%
(icon) Escuridão Falsa0%
(icon) Floresta140%
(icon) Fungos230%
(icon) Intransponível0%
(icon) Montanhas330%
(icon) Pântano230%
(icon) Recife Costeiro220%
(icon) Água Profunda0%
(icon) Água rasa220%
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