Except for those with almost supernatural skill, the highest rank a runecrafter can rise to is that of the Dwarvish Runemaster. Striking blows nearly as powerful as those of the best warriors, they would be fearsome without their craft, but with it they are also nigh on invincible, since their runes cause the physical blows of their enemies to deal less damage than would be expected.

Speciella noteringar:
• This unit has magical attacks, which always have a high chance of hitting an opponent.



Befordras från: Dwarvish Runesmith
Kan befordras till:
Cost: 50
HP: 48
Moves: 4
EP: 150
Sinnelag: neutral
Id: Dwarvish Runemaster

Attacker (damage × count)

(image)hammare(impact attack) kross18 × 2(melee attack) närstrid(magisk)


(icon) hugg50% (icon) stick40%
(icon) kross40% (icon) eld10%
(icon) frost10% (icon) ockult10%


(icon) Berg170%
(icon) Borg160%
(icon) By150%
(icon) Djupt vatten0%
(icon) Fake Shroud0%
(icon) Frusen230%
(icon) Grotta150%
(icon) Grunt vatten320%
(icon) Kullar160%
(icon) Kustrev230%
(icon) Ofarbar0%
(icon) Plan130%
(icon) Sand130%
(icon) Skog130%
(icon) Svamp140%
(icon) Träsk320%
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