Kaukėtas dvarfų valdovas


Feared in dwarven legend is the Dwarf Lord who masks his face, using the formidable fighting powers of his kind without accounting to his peers and to the loremasters of Dwarven-kind for the dark and bloody uses to which he puts his weapons. Like his barefaced kin, the Dwarf Lord wields axe and hammer with masterful skill, and can hit a target with a thrown hand axe at several paces. Though slow on their feet, these dwarves are a testament to the prowess of their kind.



Tobulėja iš: Kaukėtas dvarfų šarvuotis
Tobulėja į:
Cost: 54
HP: 79
Moves: 4
XP: 150
Lygis: 3
Prigimtis: neutralus
Id: Dwarvish Masked Lord

Atakos (damage × count)

(image)karo kirvis(blade attack) kirtimas15 × 3(melee attack) peštynės
(image)kūjis(impact attack) smūgis19 × 2(melee attack) peštynės
(image)kirvukas(blade attack) kirtimas10 × 1(ranged attack) šaudymas


(icon) kirtimas40% (icon) dūris30%
(icon) smūgis30% (icon) ugnis10%
(icon) šaltis10% (icon) paslaptinga10%


ReljefasJudėjimo kainaGynyba
(icon) Gilus vanduo0%
(icon) Grybai140%
(icon) Kaimas150%
(icon) Kalnai170%
(icon) Kalvos160%
(icon) Miškas130%
(icon) Netikra uždanga0%
(icon) Nevaikštoma0%
(icon) Pakrantės uolynai230%
(icon) Pelkė320%
(icon) Pilis160%
(icon) Plokščia130%
(icon) Seklus vanduo320%
(icon) Smėlis130%
(icon) Urvas150%
(icon) Užšalusi230%
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