The more talented cavalrymen in the armies of Wesnoth are trained in the use of the crossbow, and matched with much more powerful steeds. Well-armored, and skilled in the use of their swords, these soldiers can drive forward and hold the ground they take. Their mobility and resilience make them of great value on the battlefield.

Ypatingos pastabos:
• This unit has a defense cap on certain terrain types — it cannot achieve a higher defense rating on mixed terrains with such terrain types.



Tobulėja iš: Raitininkas
Tobulėja į: Kavaleristas
Cost: 34
HP: 49
Moves: 9
XP: 95
Lygis: 2
Prigimtis: šviesus
Id: Dragoon

Atakos (damage × count)

(image)kalavijas(blade attack) kirtimas6 × 4(melee attack) peštynės
(image)arbaletas(pierce attack) dūris12 × 1(ranged attack) šaudymas


(icon) kirtimas30% (icon) dūris-20%
(icon) smūgis40% (icon) ugnis0%
(icon) šaltis20% (icon) paslaptinga20%


ReljefasJudėjimo kainaGynyba
(icon) Gilus vanduo0%
(icon) Grybai420%
(icon) Kaimas140%
(icon) Kalnai0%
(icon) Kalvos240%
(icon) Miškas330%
(icon) Netikra uždanga0%
(icon) Nevaikštoma0%
(icon) Pakrantės uolynai330%
(icon) Pelkė420%
(icon) Pilis140%
(icon) Plokščia140%
(icon) Seklus vanduo420%
(icon) Smėlis230%
(icon) Urvas420%
(icon) Užšalusi230%
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