Всадник авангарда


The massive and fearless Taurochs are often employed not only to charge and break through enemy formations, but to rally and inspire infantry to hold their ground. Vanguards are hardy riders, adept at surviving in the thick of battle and leading their brethren from the front lines. Towering above the rolling dunes, the Vanguards bear great flags that fly brightly in the desert skies, a distinctive sight even from far away across the sands. The presence of these riders is a heartening one for most elves and a deterrent for the many pillagers that rove the deserts.



Advances from: Всадник тауроха
Advances to: Знаменосец пустыни
Cost: 35
HP: 51
Moves: 5
XP: 85
Уровень: 2
Тип: порядочный
Id: Tauroch Vanguard
Abilities: лидерство

Attacks (damage × count)

(image)таран(impact attack) крушащий8 × 3(melee attack) ближний(шок)
(image)дротик(pierce attack) колющий7 × 3(ranged attack) дальний


(icon) режущий20% (icon) колющий0%
(icon) крушащий20% (icon) огонь10%
(icon) холод20% (icon) мистический-10%


TerrainMovement CostDefense
(icon) Береговой риф230%
(icon) Болото230%
(icon) Глубокая вода0%
(icon) Горы340%
(icon) Грибы230%
(icon) Деревня140%
(icon) Замок140%
(icon) Лес240%
(icon) Мерзлота240%
(icon) Непроходимая местность0%
(icon) Отмель230%
(icon) Песок150%
(icon) Пещера230%
(icon) Равнина130%
(icon) Фальшивая пелена0%
(icon) Холмы240%
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