Merman Citizen


Merfolk are mostly peaceful, but will fight to defend their homes. In this situation, even merfolk with no weapons or training can be dangerous.



Advances from:
Advances to: Merman Brawler, 인어 투사, 인어 사냥꾼
Cost: 9
HP: 20
Moves: 6
XP: 22
레벨: 0
선호시간대: lawful
Id: Merman Citizen

Attacks (damage × count)

(image)주먹(impact attack) 충격4 × 3(melee attack) 근접


(icon) 참격0% (icon) 관통0%
(icon) 충격0% (icon) 화염0%
(icon) 냉기20% (icon) 신령0%


TerrainMovement CostDefense
(icon) Fake Shroud0%
(icon) Fungus320%
(icon) 깊은 물150%
(icon) 160%
(icon) 도보불능0%
(icon) 동굴320%
(icon) 마을140%
(icon) 모래230%
(icon) 0%
(icon) 산호초270%
(icon) 설빙 지역230%
(icon) 140%
(icon) 430%
(icon) 얕은 물160%
(icon) 언덕430%
(icon) 평지230%
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