Elvish Sylph


Rarely seen, the sage-like Sylphs are masters of both their faerie and mundane natures. They are possessed of wondrous, and sometimes terrifying powers. Legends concerning these have given other races a healthy fear of the elves.



Eflist frá: Elvish Enchantress
Eflist í:
Cost: 67
HP: 60
Moves: 6
XP: 200
Level: 4
Stilling: hlutlaus
Id: Elvish Sylph

Árásir (damage × count)

(image)faerie touch(impact attack) höggvopn6 × 3(melee attack) skylming(galdrar)
(image)gossamer(impact attack) höggvopn6 × 5(ranged attack) langdræg(hægir)
(image)álfaeldur(arcane attack) yfirnáttúrulegt10 × 5(ranged attack) langdræg(galdrar)


(icon) eggvopn0% (icon) stungvopn0%
(icon) höggvopn0% (icon) eldur0%
(icon) kuldi0% (icon) yfirnáttúrulegt20%


JörðMovement CostVörn
(icon) Deep Water230%
(icon) Fake Shroud0%
(icon) Fjöll260%
(icon) Flatlendi150%
(icon) Frost140%
(icon) Fungus250%
(icon) Grunnt vatn140%
(icon) Hellir230%
(icon) Hólar150%
(icon) Kastali160%
(icon) Mýri140%
(icon) Sandur140%
(icon) Skógur170%
(icon) Árif150%
(icon) Ógengilegt0%
(icon) Þorp160%
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