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The silent watchers of the forests, Elvish rangers are masters of stealth and reconnaissance. Many are explorers and loners, preferring to wander through the towering trees sheltering the natural beauty of their homes, of which they are fiercely protective. While they possess considerable skill in both blade and bow, these archers are less adept at fighting other warriors on even terms, preferring instead to ambush their enemies from the shadows in the woods. A surprise attack from rangers can cripple a force many times their size and will often compel attacking armies to withdraw rather than risk a game of prolonged guerrilla warfare in the forests.



Advances from: Jousihaltia
Advances to: Haltiasissi
Cost: 31
HP: 42
Moves: 6
XP: 85
Taso: 2
Suuntautuminen: neutraali
Id: Elvish Ranger
Abilities: väijytys

Attacks (damage × count)

(image)miekka(blade attack) viilto7 × 3(melee attack) lähitaistelu
(image)jousi(pierce attack) lävistys7 × 4(ranged attack) kaukotaistelu


(icon) viilto0% (icon) lävistys0%
(icon) murskaus0% (icon) tuli0%
(icon) kylmä0% (icon) salatiede-10%


TerrainMovement CostDefense
(icon) Sieni250%
(icon) Syvää vettä0%
(icon) hiekkaa240%
(icon) jäätynyt230%
(icon) koralliriutta230%
(icon) kulkukelvoton0%
(icon) kylä160%
(icon) linna160%
(icon) luola330%
(icon) matalaa vettä230%
(icon) metsä170%
(icon) mäkiä250%
(icon) suo240%
(icon) tasamaa140%
(icon) valehuntu0%
(icon) vuori260%
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