Dwarvish Thunderguard

Antas 2


Advances to: Dwarvish Dragonguard 

Advance from: Dwarvish Thunderer

HP:44  Cost: 30  Mga galawAlignment: walang pinapanigan  XP:95

Mga Abilidad:

The Dwarven Thunderguards are famed for their curious weaponry, these strange staves of wood and iron that make a thunderous noise in their anger. The machinations behind this weaponry are a mystery, a secret taken to the grave by the dwarves of Knalga who wield them, and are assumed to have even forged them. The most that is known are reports of dwarves pouring a strange black dust into the mouth of their weapons, which some say is a food to fuel the beast imprisoned within.
Though a single shot from these 'thundersticks' can take several minutes to prepare, the results are seen by the Dwarves as being well worth the wait.


Pangalan Tipo Mga Tama Sakop Espesyal
dagger espada 6-3 suntukan  
thunderstick tusukin 28-1 ranged  

Mga Resistensya

espada 20%
malamig 10%
apoy 10%
arcane 10%
epekto 20%
tusukin 20%

Taga-bago ng Pook

Pook Mga galaw Depensa
Kastilyo 1 60%
Nayon 1 50%
Malalim na Tubig 99 20%
Mababaw na Tubig 3 20%
Damuhan 1 30%
Gubat 1 30%
Burol 1 60%
Bundok 1 70%
Latian 3 20%
Buhangin 1 30%
Kuweba 1 50%
Niyebe 2 30%
Punongkahoy ng Kabute 1 40%
Bangin 99 20%

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