Dwarvish Dragonguard

Antas 3


Advances to:

Advance from: Dwarvish Thunderguard

HP:59  Cost: 46  Mga galawAlignment: walang pinapanigan  XP:150

Mga Abilidad:

It is not clear why the Dragonguards are called what they are, a name given by their dwarven brethren. Some speculate that the name comes from their weapon of choice, these strange staves that belch fire and death. Others have surmised that it is because such weapons would be a threat against even a true Dragon, should such a thing be seen again in the known world. Whatever the case, it is for these weapons that the guardians of the great Dwarven citadels are both renowned and feared; weapons that have broken the mightiest of warriors in a single blow.


Pangalan Tipo Mga Tama Sakop Espesyal
dagger espada 9-3 suntukan  
dragonstaff tusukin 40-1 ranged  

Mga Resistensya

espada 20%
malamig 10%
apoy 10%
arcane 10%
epekto 20%
tusukin 20%

Taga-bago ng Pook

Pook Mga galaw Depensa
Kastilyo 1 60%
Nayon 1 50%
Malalim na Tubig 99 20%
Mababaw na Tubig 3 20%
Damuhan 1 30%
Gubat 1 30%
Burol 1 60%
Bundok 1 70%
Latian 3 20%
Buhangin 1 30%
Kuweba 1 50%
Niyebe 2 30%
Punongkahoy ng Kabute 1 40%
Bangin 99 20%

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