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Napreduje v: Goblinski vitez  Goblinski ropar 

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HP: 32  Cena: 17  Premiki: Poravnava: kaotičen  XP: 30


No one is quite sure how the practice of taming and riding wolves came into being, but the advantages of it for a goblin are obvious. Goblins are smaller and much weaker than their orcish kin, and are often tasked to the most dangerous and unwanted parts of a fight. Any who can manage to win themselves a mount have a much safer, and daresay, more amusing role in combat.
Wolves, likely, could never support the weight of a man in plate, but a goblin in leather armor is a simple load to bear. Quite unlike horses, these mounts have a rather easy time traversing the mountains, though water and woods will still slow them down.


Ime Vrsta Udarci Doseg Posebnosti orožja
čekani oster 5-3 na blizu  


oster 0%
mrzel 0%
ognjen 0%
na daleč 0%
top 0%
koničast 0%

Terenski prikrojevalci

Teren Premikanje Obramba
Grad 1 60%
Vas 1 50%
Globoka voda 99 20%
Plitva voda 3 20%
Stepa 1 40%
Gozd 2 50%
Griči 1 50%
Gore 2 60%
Močvirje 3 30%
Pesek 2 30%
Jama 2 40%
Sneg 3 20%
Glivni gaj 3 40%
Brezno 99 20%

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