Jezdec Strašnih volkov

Stopnja 3


Napreduje v:

Napreduje v: Goblinski vitez

HP: 61  Cena: 41  Premiki: 10  Poravnava: kaotičen  XP: 150


'Dire wolves' differ from the common variety only in size and color. They typically stand taller than a horse at the shoulder, and have an appetite to match. Only a madman would willingly encounter them; the goblins, at great cost to themselves, have managed to tame and ride them.
The claws of a wolf are not generally regarded as being the more dangerous parts, but on a beast this large, they are thicker and longer than iron nails. Their riders smear a poison on the front set, not unlike that used by the orcish assassins, making a swipe from these beasts' paws into a most deadly stroke. The victims of this unit's poison will continually take damage until they can be cured in town or by a unit which cures.


Ime Vrsta Udarci Doseg Posebnosti orožja
čekani oster 9-4 na blizu  
kremplji oster 4-4 na blizu strup 


oster 0%
mrzel 0%
ognjen 0%
na daleč 0%
top 0%
koničast 0%

Terenski prikrojevalci

Teren Premikanje Obramba
Grad 1 60%
Vas 1 60%
Globoka voda 99 20%
Plitva voda 3 20%
Stepa 1 40%
Gozd 2 50%
Griči 1 50%
Gore 2 60%
Močvirje 3 30%
Pesek 2 30%
Jama 2 40%
Sneg 3 20%
Glivni gaj 3 40%
Brezno 99 20%

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