Mermaid Siren

Nivel 3


Avanza a:

Advance from: Mermaid Enchantress

HP: 49  Custo: 52  Movementos: Aliñación: legal  XP: 150


The faerie nature of the mermaids is strongest in the Sirens, whose connection to naia often causes them to be mistaken for naiads themselves. Though certainly far from the truth, the mistake is understandable, as true naiads are rarely seen even by mermaids. The manifestation of their magic is certainly very similar; the water about a siren can be commanded at whim, like an extension of herself.
The myriad applications of this rarely occur to land dwellers, who simply regard it with wonder. The ranged attacks of this unit are magical, and always have a high chance of hitting an opponent.


Nome Tipo Ataque Alcance Especial
naia touch impacto 12-1 corpo a corpo maxia 
chorro de auga impacto 15-3 a distancia maxia 


folla 0%
frío 20%
lume 0%
arcane 0%
impacto 0%
perforación 0%

Modificadores de Terreo

Terreo Movemento Defensa
Castelo 1 40%
Vila 1 40%
Auga Profunda 1 50%
Auga Superficial 1 60%
Prado 2 30%
Bosque 5 30%
Outeiros 5 30%
Montañas 99 20%
Braña 1 60%
Area 2 30%
Cova 3 20%
Neve 2 30%
Colonia de Cogomelos 3 20%
Abismo 99 20%

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