Mermaid Enchantress

Nivel 2


Avanza a: Mermaid Siren 

Advance from: Mermaid Initiate

HP: 38  Custo: 33  Movementos: Aliñación: legal  XP: 90


Mermaids, like elves, have a powerful and native ability in magic, though theirs is considerably different than that of the elves. Those who master this ability are held in high regard, and their skill is used in a multitude of crafts, many of which humanity would never dream. The obvious use in war is forbidden against their own race - this power is the greater part of what protects their people from the monsters that wander out of the abyss. The ranged attacks of this unit are magical, and always have a high chance of hitting an opponent.


Nome Tipo Ataque Alcance Especial
bastón impacto 9-1 corpo a corpo  
chorro de auga impacto 14-2 a distancia maxia 


folla 0%
frío 20%
lume 0%
arcane 0%
impacto 0%
perforación 0%

Modificadores de Terreo

Terreo Movemento Defensa
Castelo 1 40%
Vila 1 40%
Auga Profunda 1 50%
Auga Superficial 1 60%
Prado 2 30%
Bosque 5 30%
Outeiros 5 30%
Montañas 99 20%
Braña 1 60%
Area 2 30%
Cova 3 20%
Neve 2 30%
Colonia de Cogomelos 3 20%
Abismo 99 20%

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