Level 3


Advances to:

Advance from: Shadow

HP: 35  Cost: 52  Moves: Alignment: chaotic  XP: 150

Abilities: nightstalk skirmisher

The purpose of the masks that these creatures wear is unknown, as is the countenance that they obscure. These terrible forms are rarely seen by the living, and those who live to speak of them had no leisure to study their foe. If there is an enemy of the target on the opposite side of the target, this unit may backstab, inflicting double damage by creeping around behind that enemy. Spirits have very unusual resistances to damage, and move quite slowly over open water. This unit is able to hide at night, leaving no trace of its presence. This unit's skill at skirmishing allows it to ignore enemies' zones of control and thus move unhindered around them.


Name Type Strikes Range Special
claws blade 10-3 melee backstab 


blade 50%
cold 70%
fire 10%
arcane -10%
impact 50%
pierce 50%

Terrain Modifiers

Terrain Movement Defense
Castle 1 50%
Village 1 50%
Deep Water 2 50%
Shallow Water 2 50%
Grassland 1 50%
Forest 1 50%
Hills 1 50%
Mountains 1 50%
Swamp 1 50%
Sand 1 50%
Cave 1 50%
Snow 1 50%
Mushroom Grove 1 50%
Chasm 1 50%

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