There are many among the Windsong who could successfully lead an army, or plan a battle, as the council has all children trained to the best of their ability. So, for the Windsong, knowing when to act is more important. The Raw is affected by all events, both past and future, and is fluidic as these possibilities change. Through her accompanying spirit, some Weavers learn to interpret flows in The Raw as predictions for future events. With time and experience, her predictions become more accurate and dependable. Eventually, if she is of quality, she will be invited to join the ranks of the Prophets. Unlike the farseers of other peoples, the Windsong Prophetesses do not 'witness' events so much as apply an expanded form of cause and effect. Knowing all flows are open to interpretation, Prophets are discouraged from making predictions without the council of her peers.

Unlike Envoys, Prophetesses have much time to study the arts of leadership and healing, and she has now learned to cure poison. Such is the respect of the Windsongs for the Prophetesses, that any direction given by them will be obeyed immediately and without question.

Special Notes:This unit is capable of healing those around it, and curing them of poison. Adjacent lower-level units of the same allegiance have their resistances increased by the sole presence of this unit.This unit’s arcane attack deals tremendous damage to magical creatures, and even some to mundane creatures.This unit is able to slow its enemies, halving their movement speed and attack damage until they end a turn.



Advances from: Weaver
Advances to: Ascendant
Cost: 40
HP: 38
Moves: 5
XP: 62
Level: 2
Alignment: neutral
Id: Prophetess
Abilities: cures, heals +8, protection

Attacks (damage × count)

(image)touch(arcane attack) arcane10 × 2(melee attack) melee(slows)
(image)chronostasis cipher(arcane attack) arcane10 × 2(ranged attack) ranged(slows)


(icon) blade0% (icon) pierce0%
(icon) impact0% (icon) fire0%
(icon) cold0% (icon) arcane50%


TerrainMovement CostDefense
(icon) Castle160%
(icon) Cave240%
(icon) Coastal Reef230%
(icon) Deep Water0%
(icon) Fake Shroud0%
(icon) Flat140%
(icon) Forest250%
(icon) Frozen320%
(icon) Fungus250%
(icon) Hills250%
(icon) Mountains360%
(icon) Sand230%
(icon) Shallow Water320%
(icon) Swamp320%
(icon) Unwalkable0%
(icon) Village160%
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