Angry One


King Dowrein I, Memoirs of a mercenary:
'They were bad enough still in the shell. Once hatched, the especially aggressive ones attacked without pause, hurling themselves at us again and again, battling unto death.'



Advances from: Unhatched
Advances to: Raging One
Cost: 28
HP: 50
Moves: 6
XP: 62
Level: 2
Alignment: chaotic
Id: Angry One

Attacks (damage × count)

(image)ram(impact attack) impact11 × 3(melee attack) melee


(icon) blade30% (icon) pierce30%
(icon) impact10% (icon) fire0%
(icon) cold0% (icon) arcane-30%


TerrainMovement CostDefense
(icon) Castle150%
(icon) Cave230%
(icon) Coastal Reef230%
(icon) Deep Water10%
(icon) Fake Shroud0%
(icon) Flat140%
(icon) Forest240%
(icon) Frozen230%
(icon) Fungus240%
(icon) Hills250%
(icon) Mountains350%
(icon) Sand230%
(icon) Shallow Water320%
(icon) Swamp230%
(icon) Unwalkable10%
(icon) Village150%
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