Flame Spirit


This unit is from the Era of Myths. Its coding and art were done by JW, Velensk, Shiki and many others.

Fire Sprites are tiny faerie creatures who get their name from being able to somewhat control the element of fire. Living in the forest, these creatures use their powers primarily to prevent their homes from burning down. Sharing a respect for the woods, they have become great allies with the Warg.



Advances from: Flame Sprite
Advances to:
Cost: 50
HP: 47
Moves: 7
XP: 150
Level: 3
Alignment: chaotic
Id: AE_myh_Flame_Spirit

Attacks (damage × count)

(image)sprite punch(impact attack) impact7 × 2(melee attack) melee
(image)spirit fire(fire attack) fire8 × 6(ranged attack) ranged


(icon) blade0% (icon) pierce0%
(icon) impact0% (icon) fire30%
(icon) cold0% (icon) arcane0%


TerrainMovement CostDefense
(icon) Castle160%
(icon) Cave250%
(icon) Coastal Reef150%
(icon) Deep Water250%
(icon) Fake Shroud0%
(icon) Flat160%
(icon) Forest160%
(icon) Frozen250%
(icon) Fungus160%
(icon) Hills160%
(icon) Mountains160%
(icon) Sand160%
(icon) Shallow Water150%
(icon) Swamp160%
(icon) Unwalkable150%
(icon) Village150%
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