The Skirmisher has abandoned his original weapon, the sword, in favor of a spear for both close and long range. He has perfected the art of moving quickly between enemy lines, and is able to hold his own against opponents of both the ranged and melee variety. His main task in the Legion is providing a skirmishing screen for the Legionnaires, and to help funnel cavalry and archers towards their more heavily armored allies.

Special Notes: This unit’s skill at skirmishing allows it to ignore enemies’ zones of control and thus move unhindered around them.



Advances from: Auxiliary
Advances to: Velite
Cost: 16
HP: 32
Moves: 6
XP: 40
Level: 1
Alignment: neutral
Id: WOTG_Lavinian Skirmisher
Abilities: skirmisher

Attacks (damage × count)

6 × 3
5 × 2


(icon) blade-10% (icon) pierce-10%
(icon) impact-20% (icon) fire-10%
(icon) cold0% (icon) arcane0%


TerrainMovement CostDefense
(icon) Castle160%
(icon) Cave240%
(icon) Coastal Reef230%
(icon) Deep Water20%
(icon) Fake Shroud0%
(icon) Flat140%
(icon) Forest260%
(icon) Frozen320%
(icon) Fungus350%
(icon) Hills250%
(icon) Mountains360%
(icon) Sand240%
(icon) Shallow Water330%
(icon) Swamp330%
(icon) Unwalkable0%
(icon) Village160%
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