Dune Swiftrider


Riders who demonstrate exceptional skill with the bow are made into Swiftriders, spending hours every day practicing and building a rapport with their steed. This has made them the fastest riders in the Dunefolk armies, and a wise Warmaster uses this to their advantage.



Avanza dende: Dune Rider
Avanza a: Dune Windrider
Custo: 35
Vida: 39
Movementos: 8
XP: 64
Nivel: 2
Aliñación: liminal
Id: Dune Swiftrider

Ataques (damage × count)

corpo a corpo
7 × 2
(image)arco composto
a distancia
9 × 4


(icon) folla10% (icon) perforación-10%
(icon) impacto0% (icon) lume0%
(icon) frío0% (icon) arcano20%


TerreoCusto de movementoDefensa
(icon) Area150%
(icon) Arrecife costeiro330%
(icon) Auga pouco profunda420%
(icon) Auga profunda0%
(icon) Bosque340%
(icon) Braña420%
(icon) Castelo140%
(icon) Chaira140%
(icon) Cogomelos420%
(icon) Conxelado230%
(icon) Cova420%
(icon) Fake Shroud0%
(icon) Intransitábel0%
(icon) Montañas440%
(icon) Outeiros260%
(icon) Vila140%
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