Naga Dervish


While they sometimes still stand in as sellswords for potential Dunefolk allies, Naga Dervishes are more often the keepers of trade routes and resource beds close to waterways. For the right fee or exchange of goods, a Dervish will guarantee safe travel or free access to valuable supplies in his territory. Rubbed the wrong way and a Dervish becomes a fearsome foe—not because of their personal strength in combat, but instead due to the numerous allies that he can call upon to quash any potential nuisance. Though perfectly capable warriors when the time is necessary, these experienced mercenaries know perfectly well that the best methods for generating money are those that do not place themselves in danger.



Évolue à partir de : Naga Bladewhirler
Évolue en :
Cost: 48
HP: 57
Moves: 7
XP: 100
Niveau : 3
Alignement : liminal
Id: Naga Dervish
Capacités :

Attaques (damage × count)

(image)curved blade(blade attack) tranchant10 × 4(melee attack) corps à corps
(image)arc(pierce attack) perforant9 × 2(ranged attack) à distance


(icon) tranchant0% (icon) perforant0%
(icon) contondant0% (icon) feu0%
(icon) froid0% (icon) arcane0%


TerrainCoût de déplacementDéfense
(icon) Caverne240%
(icon) Champignons240%
(icon) Château250%
(icon) Collines340%
(icon) Eau peu profonde160%
(icon) Eau profonde150%
(icon) Faux voile0%
(icon) Forêt340%
(icon) Gelé220%
(icon) Impraticable0%
(icon) Marais160%
(icon) Montagnes540%
(icon) Plat250%
(icon) Récif270%
(icon) Sable160%
(icon) Village140%
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