Mother Wolf


While most orces worship the wolf-spirit as Dath-Jong, the Lord of the Paths who helps the orces to find their way home, in the Red Wolves Tribe the same deity is known as Varg Kuraran, the Wolf Mother and Protector of the Pack. In both of its hypostases this spirit is not aggressive and usually limits its actions to salvation of the wounded and lost soldiers, but don't forget Dath-Jong is a powerful spirit capable of easily breaking even a dragon if it'd be stupid enough to block its way.

Tactical Info:




Advances from:
Advances to:
Cost: 105
HP: 105
Moves: 8
Vision: 9
XP: 200
Level: 4
Id: Spirit Warg Kuraran
Abilities: savior, dummy

Attacks (damage × count)

(image)godslayer jaws(arcane attack) arcane36 × 2(melee attack) melee(counter stike, lethal)
(image)lethal jump(arcane attack) arcane36 × 1(ranged attack) ranged(counter stike, lethal, throwng)


(icon) blade50% (icon) pierce50%
(icon) impact50% (icon) fire0%
(icon) cold0% (icon) arcane25%


TerrainMovement CostDefense
(icon) Castle150%
(icon) Cave150%
(icon) Coastal Reef150%
(icon) Deep Water150%
(icon) Fake Shroud0%
(icon) Flat150%
(icon) Forest150%
(icon) Frozen150%
(icon) Fungus150%
(icon) Hills150%
(icon) Mountains150%
(icon) Sand150%
(icon) Shallow Water150%
(icon) Swamp150%
(icon) Unwalkable150%
(icon) Village150%
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