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Planörcü Ejder


Many drakes enjoy the flow of air over scales, leading them to don the light robes of the Glider caste. The long forays to the far reaches of the tribal territory are their passion, though other drakes often wonder what could lead someone to take on the drudgery of hunting when more glory could be found on the battlefield.

Most often, Gliders hunt larger game like deer, swine, or dolphins; the drakes’ ancestral ability to aim fire, hampered in other castes by armor, is invaluable for flushing and herding the quarry without harming it. If a Glider is called to the battlefield, he prefers to harass the enemy from a distance – and if all else fails, he will fight with his feet, keeping his precious wings as far from the enemy as possible.

Özel Bilgiler: Bu birimin nişancılığı düşmanına isabet şansını sadece saldırı sırasında arttırır.


Şundan terfi eder:
Şuna terfi eder: Gök Ejderi
Bedel: 16
YP: 32
Hareket: 8
TP: 35
Level: 1
Hizalama: adil
IDDrake Glider

Saldırılar (damage - count)

6 - 2
(image)ateşli nefes
3 - 3


(icon) kesme10% (icon) delme-10%
(icon) darbe20% (icon) ateş50%
(icon) soğuk-50% (icon) gizemli-30%


Hareket Bedeli
(icon) Bataklık140%
(icon) Dağlar140%
(icon) Deep Water240%
(icon) Kale140%
(icon) Kar240%
(icon) Kayalık Sahil140%
(icon) Kum140%
(icon) Köy140%
(icon) Mantar Korusu240%
(icon) Mağara330%
(icon) Orman140%
(icon) Sığ Su140%
(icon) Tepeler140%
(icon) Yürünmez140%
(icon) Çayır140%