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Rarely seen even by elves, the Wose is an order of creature about which little is known. The elves are the source of most of this knowledge; they know that these beings are not descended from trees, despite the similarity in form, and they know that a wose is more closely tied to the faerie world than the elves themselves, though in a different way. The motives and workings of their kind are unknown, though most subscribe to the obvious theory that woses are dedicated wardens of the natural world.

Woses are utterly unwarlike, but possess a great strength. They are, however, neither used to, nor quick at moving around.

Speciella noteringar: I skogslandskap är denna trupp osynlig för en fiende, såvida de inte står alldeles bredvid, eller har avslöjat sig genom att anfalla. Denna trupp besitter förmågan att regenerera, vilket läker den som om den alltid stod under en bys beskydd.


Befordras från:
Kan befordras till: Äldre ent
Kostnad: 20
HP: 52
Förflyttning: 4
EP: 40
Level: 1
Sinnelag: redbar
Förmågor: bakhåll, regenerera

Attacker (damage - count)

13 - 2


(icon) hugg0% (icon) stick60%
(icon) kross40% (icon) eld-50%
(icon) frost10% (icon) ockult-30%


(icon) Berg330%
(icon) Borg120%
(icon) By120%
(icon) Djupt vatten-0%
(icon) Frusen220%
(icon) Grotta320%
(icon) Grunt vatten220%
(icon) Kullar230%
(icon) Kustrev220%
(icon) Ofarbar-0%
(icon) Plan120%
(icon) Sand220%
(icon) Skog140%
(icon) Svampdunge230%
(icon) Träsk230%