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Merman Hoplite


With their towering shields, the Merman Hoplites form the elite guard of the watery realm. Their powerful armor and rigid discipline allow them to hold a steadfast line in the maelstrom of battle. In times of desperation, they can even do so on land, though not nearly as well as a creature with legs.

Special Notes: The steadiness of this unit reduces damage from some attacks, but only while defending.


Napreduje iz: Merman Warrior
Napreduje v:
Cena: 43
HP: 52
Premikanje: 5
XP: 150
Level: 3
Alignment: zakonit
IDMerman Hoplite
Sposobnosti: steadfast

Napadi (damage - count)

15 - 2


(icon) rezilo20% (icon) pierce30%
(icon) impact20% (icon) ogenj20%
(icon) cold30% (icon) arcane0%


Movement Cost
(icon) Coastal Reef270%
(icon) Deep Water150%
(icon) Flat230%
(icon) Frozen230%
(icon) Gore-0%
(icon) Gozd530%
(icon) Grad140%
(icon) Hills530%
(icon) Jama320%
(icon) Močvirje160%
(icon) Mushroom Grove320%
(icon) Pesek230%
(icon) Plitva voda160%
(icon) Unwalkable-0%
(icon) Vas140%