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Troll Warrior


Trolls typically neither need nor prefer to use any proper armament in combat, as large ‘sticks and stones’ serve them all too well. However, trolls have been seen on numerous occasions clad in rough-shod armor and bearing metal hammers. It is speculated that orcish allies are the source and crafters of these; expeditions into several forcibly-vacated troll holes have shown little evidence of tool use, and certainly no metalworking of any kind. Given how dangerous a troll is with its bare hands, the thought of a troll with proper armament is entirely unsettling.

Īpašas piezīmes: Šī vienība reģenerējas, kas tai ļauj atveseļoties tā, it kā tā vienmēr atrastos ciemā.


Attīstās no: Troll
Attīstās uz:
Izmaksas: 42
Veselība: 70
Pārvietošanās: 5
Pieredze: 150
Level: 3
Īpašība: haotisks/-a
IDTroll Warrior
Spējas: atjaunojas

Uzbrukumi (damage - count)

20 - 2


(icon) griež20% (icon) caurdur20%
(icon) sit0% (icon) dedzina0%
(icon) saldē0% (icon) mistisks-10%


Pārvietošanās izmaksas
(icon) Ala140%
(icon) Ciems140%
(icon) Dzelme-0%
(icon) Kalni260%
(icon) Līdzenums130%
(icon) Mežs240%
(icon) Necaurejams-0%
(icon) Pauguri150%
(icon) Piekrastes rifs230%
(icon) Pils140%
(icon) Purvs220%
(icon) Sasalis220%
(icon) Seklums220%
(icon) Smiltis230%
(icon) Sēņu birzs250%