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Great Mage

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Any person who is even considered for the title of Great Mage is quite nearly a legend in their own time, and town criers have forcibly learnt discretion in applying the title. Merit for the title is carefully considered by a council of the leading magi of the age, and the conferment of the title is given only by a majority vote. Regardless, anyone who is seriously nominated for the honor of being called a Great Mage is, without question, a master of their art, and has surpassed almost any of their peers in skill.

Though they are not warriors, by any means, the application of their art to combat is something that often causes other soldiers to stand aside in awe.

Īpašas piezīmes: Šai vienībai ir maģiski uzbrukumi, kuriem vienmēr ir liela trāpīšanas iespējamība.


Attīstās no: Arch Mage
Attīstās uz:
Izmaksas: 72
Veselība: 65
Pārvietošanās: 5
Pieredze: 200
Level: 4
Īpašība: neitrāls/-a
IDGreat Mage

Uzbrukumi (damage - count)

9 - 2
16 - 4


(icon) griež0% (icon) caurdur0%
(icon) sit0% (icon) dedzina30%
(icon) saldē0% (icon) mistisks20%


Pārvietošanās izmaksas
(icon) Ala240%
(icon) Ciems160%
(icon) Dzelme-0%
(icon) Kalni360%
(icon) Līdzenums140%
(icon) Mežs250%
(icon) Necaurejams-0%
(icon) Pauguri250%
(icon) Piekrastes rifs230%
(icon) Pils160%
(icon) Purvs320%
(icon) Sasalis320%
(icon) Seklums320%
(icon) Smiltis230%
(icon) Sēņu birzs250%