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Arch Mage

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The title of Arch Mage is traditionally conferred only after a lifetime of study and achievement to match. Arch Magi are often employed in positions of education, or as advisors to those sensible enough to seek the fruits of their wisdom. Many tend to wealthy patrons, a profitable enterprise for both as, outside of the occasional thaumaturgy or word of advice, it gives the mage leave to pursue their research undisturbed. From this flows the greater body of human knowledge; the sciences, the philosophies, and the arts which give beauty to the world at large.

Though not trained for any sort of combat, if need arises an Arch Mage can unleash the full power of their art, something which is not to be taken lightly.

Īpašas piezīmes: Šai vienībai ir maģiski uzbrukumi, kuriem vienmēr ir liela trāpīšanas iespējamība.


Attīstās no: Red Mage
Attīstās uz: Great Mage
Izmaksas: 59
Veselība: 54
Pārvietošanās: 5
Pieredze: 220
Level: 3
Īpašība: neitrāls/-a
IDArch Mage

Uzbrukumi (damage - count)

7 - 2
12 - 4


(icon) griež0% (icon) caurdur0%
(icon) sit0% (icon) dedzina20%
(icon) saldē0% (icon) mistisks20%


Pārvietošanās izmaksas
(icon) Ala240%
(icon) Ciems160%
(icon) Dzelme-0%
(icon) Kalni360%
(icon) Līdzenums140%
(icon) Mežs250%
(icon) Necaurejams-0%
(icon) Pauguri250%
(icon) Piekrastes rifs230%
(icon) Pils160%
(icon) Purvs320%
(icon) Sasalis320%
(icon) Seklums320%
(icon) Smiltis230%
(icon) Sēņu birzs250%