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엘프 아가씨


Elves choose their leaders for their wisdom and sensitivity to the balance of universal forces; foresight is what has protected them in times of uncertainty. Their just reign is rewarded by the unflagging fealty of their people, which is the greatest gift for which any ruler could ask.


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해당 유닛으로 승급:
소집비용: 10
체력: 41
이동: 6
경험치: 150
Level: 3
선호시간대: 시간대 중성
IDElvish Lady

공격 (damage - count)


(icon) 참격0% (icon) 관통0%
(icon) 충격0% (icon) 화염0%
(icon) 냉기0% (icon) 신령-10%


소모 이동력
(icon) 깊은 물-0%
(icon) 230%
(icon) 도보불능-0%
(icon) 동굴330%
(icon) 마을160%
(icon) 모래230%
(icon) 버섯 수풀250%
(icon) 360%
(icon) 산호초230%
(icon) 설빙 지역230%
(icon) 160%
(icon) 170%
(icon) 얕은 물320%
(icon) 언덕250%
(icon) 평지140%