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Laoch Naga
Laoch Naigini

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The young warriors of the naga aspire to the day when they merit their second blade. Their martial practice of using twin blades is wholly unlike that of the Orcs and other races, for they have begun to learn the art of using their serpentine form to best effect, twisting and turning to dodge from blows. This makes them potent on land, but the friction of water greatly impedes the technique.


Àrdaichidh e bho: Cathach Naga
Àrdaichidh e gu: Sàr-lannair Naga
Cosgais: 27
PB: 43
Gluasad: 7
PE: 66
Level: 2
Co-thaobhadh: neodrach
IDNaga Warrior

Ionnsaighean (damage - count)

7 - 4


(icon) lann0% (icon) bioradh0%
(icon) bualadh0% (icon) teine0%
(icon) fuachd0% (icon) dìomhair0%


Cosgais ghluasaid
(icon) Badan balgain-bhuachair240%
(icon) Baile140%
(icon) Beanntan540%
(icon) Boglach160%
(icon) Caisteal250%
(icon) Cnuic340%
(icon) Coille340%
(icon) Do-choiseach-0%
(icon) Gaineamh150%
(icon) Reòite220%
(icon) Riof cladaich270%
(icon) Rèidh240%
(icon) Tanalach160%
(icon) Uamh240%
(icon) Uisge domhain150%