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Ceatharnach Troiche


The dwarven race has always been famed for its sturdiness of build, and many of their warriors outfit themselves to take advantage of this. Dwarven guardsmen march into battle with tower shields and spears. Most often, their role is to hold the line, and to take a heavy toll on those who try to break it. As the line marches forward, they act to secure its hard-won advance.

Aire sònraichte: Lùghdaichidh seasmhachd an aonaid seo an dochann bho cuid a dh’ionnsaighean, ach a-mhàin nuair a bhios e a’ dìon.


Àrdaichidh e bho:
Àrdaichidh e gu: Freiceadan Troiche
Cosgais: 19
PB: 42
Gluasad: 4
PE: 47
Level: 1
Co-thaobhadh: neodrach
IDDwarvish Guardsman
Comasan: seasmhach

Ionnsaighean (damage - count)

5 - 3
5 - 1


(icon) lann20% (icon) bioradh20%
(icon) bualadh20% (icon) teine10%
(icon) fuachd10% (icon) dìomhair10%


Cosgais ghluasaid
(icon) Badan balgain-bhuachair140%
(icon) Baile150%
(icon) Beanntan160%
(icon) Boglach320%
(icon) Caisteal160%
(icon) Cnuic150%
(icon) Coille130%
(icon) Do-choiseach-0%
(icon) Gaineamh130%
(icon) Reòite230%
(icon) Riof cladaich230%
(icon) Rèidh130%
(icon) Tanalach320%
(icon) Uamh150%
(icon) Uisge domhain-0%