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Troll Mór


When a troll, gifted with abnormal strength of life, matches that with age and wisdom, it becomes something extraordinary, a beast remembered for generations. Their feats of strength and cunning are the source of most tales about trolls, and to see the stories made flesh does nothing to diminish their grandeur.

Nótaí Speisialta: This unit regenerates, which allows it to heal as though always stationed in a village.


Ardaíonn ó: Gaiscíoch Troill
Ardaíonn go:
Costas: 48
PS: 80
Gluaiseacht: 5
PT: 150
Level: 3
Ailíniú: díbheargach
IDGreat Troll
Cumais: athginiúnach

Ionsaithe (damage - count)

18 - 3


(icon) lann20% (icon) polladh20%
(icon) turraing0% (icon) tine0%
(icon) fuar0% (icon) rúnda-10%


Costas Gluaiseachta
(icon) Baile140%
(icon) Caisleán140%
(icon) Cnocán150%
(icon) Corcach220%
(icon) Foraois240%
(icon) Gaineamh230%
(icon) Garrán Beacáin250%
(icon) Machaire130%
(icon) Neamhbhealaigh-0%
(icon) Reoite220%
(icon) Sceir Cósta230%
(icon) Sléibhte260%
(icon) Tanalacht220%
(icon) Uaimh140%
(icon) Uisce Domhain-0%