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Emboscador saurio


Saurians are light on their feet, and able at navigating terrain that often confounds their enemies. When this natural mobility is combined with experience, strength, and proper equipment, their warriors can become particularly threatening in battle — if only because they are so much more difficult to confine than other foes. Even in armor, saurian warriors can take advantage of the smallest gap in an enemy line, and have the prowess to make the enemy regret tactical mistakes.

Notas especiales: La habilidad para escabullirse de esta unidad le permite ignorar las zonas de control del enemigo, pudiendo así moverse libremente entre ellos.


Procede de: Hostigador saurio
Se convierte en: Flanqueador saurio
Coste: 30
PV: 36
Movimiento: 7
PX: 55
Level: 2
Alineamiento: caótico
IDSaurian Ambusher
Habilidades: hostigador

Ataques (damage - count)

cuerpo a cuerpo
6 - 4
de penetración
a distancia
5 - 2
de penetración


(icon) de corte-10% (icon) de penetración20%
(icon) de impacto-10% (icon) de fuego-20%
(icon) de frío-20% (icon) arcano20%


Coste de movimiento
(icon) Aguas profundas-0%
(icon) Aguas someras340%
(icon) Aldea150%
(icon) Arena160%
(icon) Arrecife costero240%
(icon) Bosque260%
(icon) Campo de setas160%
(icon) Castillo160%
(icon) Colinas160%
(icon) Congelado430%
(icon) Cueva160%
(icon) Intransitable-0%
(icon) Llano140%
(icon) Montañas260%
(icon) Pantano160%