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Wose adulto


Woses have been said to possess many shapes, all of them tree-like in form, and as they age, to increase in size. Tales tell of woses who resemble trees in this respect as well, towering over the creatures who walk beneath them. This is the greater part of why they are so rarely seen — standing in the slumber which they so often do, a wose of that stature appears to be nothing more than an oddly-shaped tree. Even a careless elf can sometimes be fooled.

Woses are not warriors by any means, but their great strength can easily be turned to violence, should someone manage to raise the ire of these creatures.

Notas especiales: En los bosques, la habilidad para emboscar de esta unidad la vuelve invisible a los enemigos, a menos que estén adyacentes o se haya revelado a sí misma atacando. Esta unidad se regenera, lo que permite que se sane como si siempre estuviera apostada en una aldea.


Procede de: Wose
Se convierte en: Wose anciano
Coste: 31
PV: 64
Movimiento: 4
PX: 100
Level: 2
Alineamiento: legal
IDElder Wose
Habilidades: emboscar, regenera

Ataques (damage - count)

cuerpo a cuerpo
19 - 2
de impacto


(icon) de corte0% (icon) de penetración60%
(icon) de impacto40% (icon) de fuego-50%
(icon) de frío10% (icon) arcano-30%


Coste de movimiento
(icon) Aguas profundas-0%
(icon) Aguas someras220%
(icon) Aldea120%
(icon) Arena220%
(icon) Arrecife costero220%
(icon) Bosque140%
(icon) Campo de setas230%
(icon) Castillo120%
(icon) Colinas230%
(icon) Congelado220%
(icon) Cueva320%
(icon) Intransitable-0%
(icon) Llano120%
(icon) Montañas330%
(icon) Pantano230%